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Mirza: Minutes, Not Money, Matter

B. Petrinovic, Crobasket
B. Petrinovic, Crobasket

In an interview with a Bosnian website Wednesday, Mirza Teletovic said that his deal with the Nets is not yet finalized but that playing time, not money and not the team, matters most to him. Various news organizations reported Teletovic had agreed to renegotiate his verbal agreement with the Nets to take less money so the team could gain more flexibility.

"It is still early to confirm or deny my transfer to the NBA. There are a few options," he told Sport Sport Bosnia. "I really want to know my status with the new club, which means that I want to play more. Less interested in me which city I will go or how much money I get. My first goal is that the more I play, and in whatever club was. No athlete wants to sit on the bench. It's quite normal. "

Meanwhile, The Painted Area wrote up its impressions of the 6'9" power forward. The good news is that he is a versatile offensive player, not a bad defender either. His big issue? Rebounding