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Nash's Lakers Interested in Howard?

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The Magic's dream has always been a one-on-one deal, Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum. No. 1 center in the NBA for the No. 2. Makes perfect sense...for the Magic, But Howard doesn't want to go to the Lakers and the Lakers have had a lot of questions about whether they would want to trade one set of headaches for another.

Does the Laker trade for Steve Nash change that calculus? That's the big question on a post barbecue morning in Los Angeles, Orlando and Brooklyn. There's been some speculation, but the only report out of L.A. is from ESPN LA reporter Dave McMenamin, who tweeted overnight, "Pau or Bynum trade the next shoe to drop after Nash? Not so fast. Source tells me Lakers intend to keep core intact to play with Nash."

It could take a few days to sort things out, or the way things move in early July, it could take hours. It's been that kind of a week...and it's only Thursday.