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The Analysis - "Now, It's Our Turn!"


Sometime in the next week or so, the pale blue lettering that spells out "Barclays Center" will be affixed to the weathered-steel facade of the arena that will be the first place the Nets can truly call home in their 45-year history. Inside, the scoreboard will be hoisted up at center court.

At the same time, Billy King and Bobby Marks will be filling out the roster of the team that will play the first game in Brooklyn, scouting the Summer League for low-cost gems, tweaking basketball operations and no doubt catching up on the latest episode of The Dwightmare. They and the business side will start thinking about where to site the franchise's next signature element, a new training facility.

But most of all, there will be time spent celebrating the Nets signing, re-signing or trading for real basketball talent to play at Barclays, practice at that facility. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace have ten visits to the NBA All-Star Game between them. Brook Lopez has not yet been chosen for the classic but his point guard thinks he will soon. There may be complaints about size and shape of the Wallace and Johnson's contracts, but there shouldn't be about their play.

Bottom line, D-Will's signing is about getting noticed, showing off. The Nets arrival in Brooklyn --and return to New York-- is no longer a distant dream. What the team and building are saying is, "Now, it's our turn!"