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Nets Payroll Is NBA's Third Highest

ProBasketball 100
ProBasketball 100

After a month of wheeling and dealing, Mikhail Prokhorov's Nets now have the third highest payroll in the NBA, higher than all but the Lakers and Heat, according to league sources.

Brooklyn is committed to paying out $81.8 million. L.A. will pay out $94.3 million with Miami at $82.6 million. Nets and Heat currently have 13 players under contract, the Lakers 12. The Knicks are next at $78.6 million, followed by the Grizzlies at $75.1 million.

Sources add that Mikhail Prokhorov will pay at least $11.5 million in luxury tax this year. Without major changes in the roster, the bill will jump to $22.8 million next season, only $300,000 less than Miami.

The Nets and Bulls are the only teams this season with four players earning more than $10 million each. Gerald Wallace, who will make $9.7 million this season, joins the club in the second year of his deal. Meanwhile, Forbes Real-Time Billionaire Tracker reports Prokhorov's net worth increased $87.5 million Monday. So it's a wash.