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Ilyasova Is Howard Back-Up Plan

Bongarts/Getty Images

Remember how Billy King lamented all those rumors about how EVERYONE was interested in joining the Nets? He whimsically wondered, where am I supposed to get all this cap space? Well, so far so good, and now there's word from both Fred Kerber and Peter Vecsey that Ersan Ilyasova is back in the mix, as a back-up plan if the Nets attempt to trade for Dwight Howard falls apart.

The two tweeted that the Nets want to package Kris Humphries with a third team's assets to trade for Ilyasova, a 6'9" power forward who emerged last season, finishing second in the Most Improved Player competition. "To play or to package," Vecsey tweeted. "Humphries won't be be back. Will try to do sign-&-trade for Ersan if Howard is unobtainable. Need 3d team"

Kerber later added, "Sources confirm Post's Peter Vecsey tweet that again talking about Ersan Ilyasova if Howard deal falls through." Ilyasova could be very attractive to the Nets ownership. Born in Soviet Central Asia, he speaks fluent Russian as well as Turkish.