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Lakers Have Doubts About D12

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The conventional wisdom is that the ideal deal for Dwight Howard can be found in Los Angeles, an exchange of the top two centers in NBA. Howard for Andrew Bynum. Chris Broussard

said Tuesday afternoon that he thinks "gun to my head", that Howard winds up with the Lakers ... even if he doesn't want to.

Hold on a minute, partner. Mike Bresnahan, the long-time Laker beat writer for the L.A. Times, believes a trade of Howard to the Lakers is "Not impossible. Just improbable." Bresnahan catalogs the Laker concerns, starting with Howard's back surgery and ending with whether either Howard or Bynum would agree to re-signing with their new clubs, a real impediment for both sides. The Lakers, who are in cap hell, will not take on additional salary, writes Bresnahan.

The Magic are believed to be talking to the Nets, Lakers, Rockets and Mavericks about Howard, but there's no indication anyone has set a deadline or exchanged formal proposals.