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Magic GM Having Second Thoughts?


Peter Vecsey was logged into his Twitter feed Tuesday morning, opining on the Nets activity this week and happily swatting down those who disagree with him. As big a proponent of Billy King as Chad Ford is a detractor, Vecsey tweeted that King outplayed Orlando GM Rob Hennigan so badly with the Joe Johnson trade that Hennigan now wants to talk Dwight Howard.

"Hiring of cherry Rob Hennigan as Magic GM is proving to be a disaster very first time he must make an important decision," Vecsey tweeted from Arizona. "Firing people: Easy. Trading DH: Clueless. Told Nets today he would not deal with them. Now asking, say sources, if something can be done?"

Calling Hennigan's refusal to talk with the Nets a "rookie mistake", Vecsey added that "Apparently RH thought Nets were bluffing about re other trades--acquiring JJ--which ate up most assets. Found out options aren't plural," meaning his other choices for a trading partner are wanting. His advice? "RH has one chance to redeem himself: Move Howard 4 Lopez, Brooks & KH [Kris Humphries] in sign-n-trade b4 he goes elsewhere." There's a lot more, including that the Hawks may soon be sold and moved to St. Louis.