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Deron Williams and the Hype Bubble

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Deron Williams will be in the news a lot this summer and fall. He'll get his chance for a second Olympic gold medal in London, then starting in mid-September, he will assume a leadership role for the very first Brooklyn Nets team, no doubt being part of several roll-outs of team gear and other news before opening night in Barclays Center.

Still, he has his doubters and count Tom Ziller of SB Nation among them. Ziller says D-Will is a very good player, but that's been the subject of a lot of hype and claims Chris Paul has always been better than him, although Paul has never led a team to a conference finals and Williams regularly bests him in head-to-head match-ups. Writes Ziller, "He probably won't be as great as his most ardent supporters claim -- such is the way of the hype bubble -- but he'll be well worth your attention and your platitudes."