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Teletovic, Karaman in Close Wins

Mirza Teletovic and Ilkan Karaman, the Nets draft pick, had good games in tight wins Wednesday, with Teletovic scoring 29 points for Bosnia against Montenegro in Italy, and Karaman, the 6'10" Turkish power forward, finishing with a double-double (12 and 10) against Ukraine in Bulgaria. Ukraine is coached by Mike Fratello.

In addition, Courtside Collective, the Irish basketball site, posted a short interview with Deron Williams, in which he expressed optimism about Teletovic's ability to play in the NBA. "Once I saw his highlights, I saw he was the real deal, said D-Will. He looks like a player who can come in and help us. Since he's 28 (actually 26), he's not like he's 21 and a kid who has to learn the game. He's been doing at a high level for a long time."