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More Pundits, More A's for Nets

Nets_PR/Gary Sussman
Nets_PR/Gary Sussman

So far, so good, Just as others have in the past two weeks, Chris Broussard and Sam Amico have put the Nets at the top of the list for off-season improvement.

Broussard, admitting disappointment that the Nets didn't acquire Dwight Howard, says the Net still had the best off-season of the NBA's 30 teams. He cites the strength of the backcourt and also retaining Brook Lopez. "Even though he has been a rebounding patsy the past two seasons, he grabbed 8.5 boards a game over his first two seasons, so I think board work is still in him."

Bottom line with this lineup, argues Broussard: nothing less than a top four seed should be tolerated.

Amico writes the Nets efforts deserves an A, only one of two Eastern Conference teams he grades that high. He writes that the moves, particularly the signings of Lopez and Kris Humphries, give the Nets "some stability as they enter their first year in Brooklyn."