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AK-47: "We’ll Know In Day or Two."

Bongarts/Getty Images

Andrei Kirilenko will return to the NBA this season but has not yet decided to which team. He told RIA Novosti, the Russian wire service, "I’ll continue my career in the NBA. Which club in particular, we’ll know in a day or two." That would mean Kirilenko wants to decide before the Olympics. He's captain of Team Russia.

The Nets have been most linked to Kirilenko because of his ties to both Mikhail Prokhorov and Deron Williams. Although they believe they have a shot at the former All-Star, Brooklyn can only offer him a two-year veterans minimum deal at $1.35 million per year. Both Golden State, which can pay him twice that much, and Minnesota, which is $14 million under the cap, are reportedly interested in him. Denver may also make a bid.

"After such a stronger season with CSKA , I understand that I can still play at a high level," said Kirilenko, who was the Euroleague MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. "I’m 31 but I can still play and still want to play."