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Teletovic: D-Will Demanded My Arrival

B. Petrinovic, Crobasket
B. Petrinovic, Crobasket

At his press conference 10 days ago, Deron Williams said he'd watched a lot of Mirza Teletovic on tape and liked what he saw. Now, in an interview with the Spanish wire service, published Monday, Teletovic says that D-Will "liked my style of play in Europe and insisted on my arrival."

Interviewed in Bosnia, Teletovic said as well that he chose the Nets over other teams because his European agent, Misko Raznatovic, felt it was the "best solution" for him and that he believed Brooklyn "has an excellent team that can compete at the highest level." The Nets have said they had been talking to Teletovic for a year about joining the team. Teletovic and his Bosnian teammates play Finland in an exhibition in Trento, Italy, Wednesday.

In a Croatian interview, Teletovic said the Nets will have the best amenities any pro ball player would want. He also concedes that in his first year ,he will have to prove to Avery his value and earn his minutes.