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Prokhorov Did Fly Teletovic Home; Just Not on One of HIS Private Jets

B. Petrinovic, Crobasket
B. Petrinovic, Crobasket

It's not just the spending on salaries that marks Mikhail Prokhorov's financial commitment to the Nets' success. It's the "little things," too. Last week after a press conference with Reggie Evans and a tour of Barclays Center, Teletoviic needed to get back to Bosnia for the national team training camp which had just opened.

So, according to SportSport, the Bosnian sports site, Prokhorov arranged for one of his private jets to fly the Bosnian team captain 4,500 miles back home. Not quite. Source reports Teletovic flew home on a private jet. The Nets paid the cost of the charter minus the cost of a commercial ticket. So Prokhorov paid most of the cost of a private jet, just didn't provide one of his. Got it?

In any case, Bosnia's coach, Aco Petrovic, Drazen's brother, expressed his gratitude.

It was one of several stories on the Nets and Teletovic last week, including an interview with Avery Johnson who told SportSport, "We have big ambitions next year. We expect a lot from Teletovic."