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Stackhouse: D12 Made Mistakes; Could Be in Brooklyn Already

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Jerry Stackhouse has an interesting job ... two actually: swingman for the Nets and commentator on NBA TV. Sometimes, they overlap like they did Friday when he talked about a player who wants to play for Brooklyn: Dwight Howard.

I love him and he's Superman but I think Superman should have let his agent do the talking. If he had, I think he probably maybe already be in Brooklyn right now. But I think if you go out and call the team out and demand a trade somewhere, they're not going to just send you there. they're going to play some games and hopefully get what's best for them. It's unfortunate because its a no-win for both sides. He wants to be somewhere and he's not going to get there and they're not going to get full value back for him because he's not going to sign with those other teams.

Stack didn't indicate he has any inside information but just as his comments about Houston "overpaying" Jeremy Lin didn't see sit well with some, nor will these.