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King: "We're Talking To Kirilenko"

In an interview with FOX Sports Radio Saturday, Billy King volunteered that the Nets are talking to Andrei Kirilenko but gave no indication of whether he's likely to sign the nine-year NBA veteran and Russian star. He did say the Nets expect to sign a back-up big, then "may hold off a bit."

"We're pretty much done. We only have two spots left. We're looking for a back up big, then we may hold off a bit," King told Anthony Gargano and Lincoln Kennedy, noting that his recent knee surgery is one reason for the hold. "We got a couple guys we're talking to. Nazr Mohammed is visiting now in New Jersey with his wife. We'd like to sign him as a back-up and then ... We're talking to Kirilenko."

When Gargano asked if Kirilenko can still play, King responded, "Yeah! I saw him in the Euroleague Final Four. Yeah, he still can play. He'd be a great piece to add to us. He'd give us more depth at the forward spot." In particular, King said AK-47 could help with defense against wings like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. "That"s why I'm looking at Kirilenko. You need players to run at those guys."

On Thursday, Kirilenko told Russian reporters that signing with the Nets is one of "several scenarios" he's considering .. even though the Nets can only offer the veterans' minimum.