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Kris Humphries Is Excited About "Whole Brooklyn Thing" for Nets

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Kris Humphries showed up for his press conference in a blue check suit and matching shirt and tie, looking for all the world like a man whose net worth had just jumped significantly ... and of course it had. But Hump wanted to talk about basketball and the future.

"It's gonna be unbelievable, the whole Brooklyn thing. I think we're definitely a playoff team and that's the goal," said the 6'9" power forward. "I want to be part of a playoff team, and that's the expectation this year. I'm excited to get started."

Hump also said he was certain Deron Williams was coming back. "How could he not? This is Brooklyn. This is what we talked about!" As for the Dwight Howard rumors, Humphries said no one ever spoke with him about his willingness to accept a sign-and-trade. Negotiations apparently never got that far.