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AK-47 Still Possible? He Says So!

Bongarts/Getty Images

Is it really possible that Andrei Kirilenko could join the Nets at this late stage of free agency? He says it is!

During a break in Olympic training Thursday, Russian reporters asked the 6'9" forward about his professional future.

- One can not ask about your club career? When will you make a final decision?
- I do not know. Before me is a very serious dilemma. There are several scenarios.

- Is one of them - "Brooklyn Nets"?
- Maybe "Brooklyn Nets", and perhaps with CSKA Moscow ...

Kirilenko who is friendly with both Mikhail Prokhorov and Deron Williams, offered no other details. He would presumably have to settle for the veterans minimum. Under the new CBA, players who were not in the league at the end of the previous season cannot be used in a sign-and-trade and Kirilenko was in Moscow with CSKA. He was the Euroleague's top player. Brooklyn has either signed or committed to 14 players (including Nazr Mohammed), leaving one roster spot open.