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Fegan: D12 Won't Guarantee He'll Re-Sign With Teams, Including Nets

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As teams seeking Dwight Howard seek assurances he would re-sign with them, Howard's agent says, forget about it. He's not giving anyone, including the Nets, any such assurance.

"Dwight's position has remained unchanged since the end of this past season," Dan Fegan told Ric Bucher. "He fully intends to explore free agency at the end of next season, regardless of what team trades for him, including Brooklyn."

There have been reports that Howard had recently relented and is willing to re-sign with the Lakers. Fegan's comment indicates that isn't true and any team that trades for Howard shouldn't expect he'll re-up with them. Bucher adds that Billy King confirmed that the Nets never asked Howard or Fegan for such an assurance.