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Meeting "Went Well", But No Decision

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After a meeting that last several hours, Deron Williams had nothing to announce about his choice of destination. The meeting was described this way by Sam Amick, "Source says Nets' meeting with Deron Williams 'went well,' but no word on a decision."

Shortly after 10 p.m., five hours after Williams and the Nets sat down to talk, Ric Bucher tweeted, "Mavs/Nets fans + e'rbody else: source says Deron Williams will not make, or at least announce, his decision tonight. Sweet dreams." It's uncertain when the meeting ended, but Amy Williams tweeted at 10:30 that she and her husband had just finished a "nice run." Williams met with Mavericks representatives earlier in the day.

The Nets' meeting began with the news that the Nets had traded for Joe Johnson, a six-time All-Star whose game Williams was known to like.