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No Shortage of Back-Up Plans

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The Nets will meet later Monday with Deron Williams, after he meets with the Mavericks. Neither Mikhail Prokhorov nor Mark Cuban is expected in the room (whose location hasn't been disclosed). It's also reported the Nets will meet with Steve Nash prior to the meeting with D-Will. The Nets are interested in Nash as a possible Williams replacement or teammate.

The Nets have reached out as well to three young guards, according to reports posted overnight. Chris Broussard reports that the Nets have indeed made contact with Jeremy Lin while Sam Amick reports they've let Eric Gordon and Goran Dragic know of their interest. In these cases, the Nets would move only in the unlikely event Williams chose Dallas.

New York,Toronto and Dallas have also expressed interest in Lin; Indiana, Houston, Phoenix and Portland in Dragic and Toronto, Phoenix, New Orleans, Houston and the Lakers in Gordon. Gordon is a restricted free agent.