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"I Wanted To Focus On Winning"

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In an interview on ESPN Radio Las Vegas, the Nets' new back-up point guard, C.J. Watson, said that he chose the Nets because "I just wanted to focus on winning. I understand I'm going to be the back up. There weren't a lot of starting positions out there. So I'm happy helping the bench, helping the team win."

Watson, whose agent said he passed on more lucrative offers to play in Brooklyn, added that he thought, "We have a pretty good team, pretty deep team." The Las Vegas native also said that Joe Johnson should be playing with a lot less pressure than in Atlanta andlikely to have a big year. "All the pressure isn't on him," said former Bull. "The pressure is basically on Deron and Brook, but he can take a lot of pressure off them and be second guy and score points and do what he does."