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Avery Takes Swipe at Knicks on Lin

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Avery Johnson said nice things about Brook Lopez Thursday, but he also took a back-handed swipe at the Knicks decision not to match the Rockets offer to 23-year-old Jeremy Lin. He wouldn't specifically talk about what New York did, just that it's not something the Nets would do.

"I don’t want to specifically talk about their situation," Johnson said, "but I know for us when we’ve invested time into a guy and he’s really improved significantly for us, we’re always thinking, ‘We want to retain the guy.’ If he moves on, we want to try to get something in return."

The Nets coach cited Kris Humphries' development as an example. Gerald Green? CBA restrictions, not basketball or financial reasons, kept them from matching Indiana's offer to their diamond in the rough.