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First Celebrity Defects From Knicks!

Edward Burns via Twitter
Edward Burns via Twitter

Well, it's not Spike or Woody or Chris, but it's a start. Edward Burns, the actor-director from Queens, tweeted on Wednesday that he's slowly moving away from James Dolan's orbit and into Mikhail Prokhorov's due to the Knicks' failure to keep Jeremy Lin.

Very disappointed Jeremy Lin is leaving New York. But being a Knick fan you learn to live with disappointment.
Considering my first pro hoop game was seeing Dr.J play for the Nets at Nassau Coliseum I think can pull for both teams. Knicks and Nets fan
The more I think about Jeremy Lin wearing a Rockets jersey the more pumped I get about watching Deron Williams in a @brooklynnets jersey

Of course, Ed prefigured his switch about two months ago when he was spotted in Manhattan wearing a Nets cap.