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Nets Close on Nazr Mohammed?

HoopsWorld's Alex Kennedy reports that the Nets will "likely" sign their back-up center Thursday: Nazr Mohammed, the 6'10" veteran who played last season for the Thunder. Mohammed, who'll be 35 in September, won two NCAA championships at Kentucky and an NBA ring with San Antonio in 2005. He didn't play in this year's Finals with OKC. He averaged 2.7 and 2.7 in regular season.

Kennedy tweets, "Nazr Mohammed is close to signing with the Brooklyn Nets, according to source. He'll likely sign for the veteran's minimum in next 24 hours." Mohammed would bring to 14 the number of players on the Nets roster. The league maximum is 15, but not every NBA team chooses to go up to the limit, often leaving a spot open for flexibility. Mohammed, like four other Nets, is a client of agent Jeff Schwartz.