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The Prokhorov Era Is Upon Us

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Back in September 2009 when Mikhail Prokhorov announced his agreement to buy the Nets and again in May 2010 when he actually took over, there was a lot of optimism that the Nets would spend and spend and spend to win and win. After all, Mikhail Prokhorov was the richest owner in sports and he was ours!.

In the intervening two-plus years, not much happened. The Nets tried to preserve cap space while still in New Jersey and made attempts --one successful, the other two not-- to land a superstar to get things rolling. There was a lot of griping and sniping when he ran for President of Russia that he had lost interest and his promise wouldn't be fulfilled.

Not anymore. Not after the last 10 days. Tom Ziller of SB Nation writes about how "the Nets' two-year, $24 million contract handed to Kris Humphries (a player who can rebound and ... yeah, rebound) is the official beginning of the Mikhail Prokhorov 'IDGAF' era ... Let the bullion flow."