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"I Can't Wait for Opening Night"

Brooklyn Nets/Marc Karpinos
Brooklyn Nets/Marc Karpinos

A very different looking and sounding Brook Lopez spoke with reporters on Wednesday morning. Carefully deflecting trade talk, the Nets center made it clear he's always wanted Brooklyn and now "can't wait for Opening Night at Barclays Center."

"The Nets are the only place I want to be," said a serious Lopez, adding, "I want to be a Net for my entire career."

As for reports that he was the prime piece in a Nets' trade package for Dwight Howard, Lopez replied, "I read a lot of books and comic books and those don't mention Dwight Howard too much."

Lopez did say he doesn't know if he would have agreed to a sign-and-trade with Orlando if the Magic had agreed to a Howard deal .

Lopez, who has told people that he will not rush his recovery, was asked what he's been focusing on in the off-season."For the most part, I've just been working on getting healthy ... I don't want to miss any games this season. I want to be there for my teammates." He added he's not playing 5-on-5 yet but "probably could" and is expecting to be ready to go at the start of camp.