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At Barclays Center, Little Left To Do

Barclays Center July 12 - Tom Kaminski, WCBS Chopper 880
Barclays Center July 12 - Tom Kaminski, WCBS Chopper 880

The latest progress report, out Wednesday, puts Barclays Center at almost 80% complete, but with 24/7 construction underway for nearly a month, that estimate is changing rapidly.

Sometime in the next few days or weeks, says the report, expect the scoreboard to be hoisted, the last seats to be installed, the broadcast and network systems turned on. Islander fans should note the report states, "The Ice Floor Central Refrigeration Plant has been installed as well as the piping in the arena floor." The facade is likely to be finished not long before the "substantial completion date" of September 5, now only seven weeks away. The Transit Connection should be done in less than a month.

Last week, Mirza Teletovic and Reggie Evans got one tour, checking out progress on the practice court among other things. Joe Johnson got another, being wowed by the arena bowl. As the Nets add other players, they'll get drop-bys. And within the two weeks, expect the big news: who the Nets will open against.