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Kareem: Brooklyn Will Be Special

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes for ESPN on how big men dominate the game and how when one changes cities, the NBA shifts underneath their oversized feet. He cites all the moves, from Wilt Chamberlain moving from the Warriors to the 76ers, his own move from the Bucks to the Lakers; Shaquille O'Neal's from the Magic to the Lakers and now the anticipated move of Dwight Howard.

Abdul-Jabbar looks at the possibilities for Howard and notes the Nets' thus far futile efforts at getting him. Stiil, the six time champion believes Brooklyn will be just fine. He describes Deron Williams and Joe Johnson "probably the best backcourt in the league" and compliments the front office on "some remarkable wheeling and dealing."

He'll be rooting for Brooklyn, he notes, adding, "Good luck, Nets. Your 7-foot starting center this fall will be Brook Lopez, but even without Howard, your inaugural season in Brooklyn should be very special."