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One Third of One Billion Dollars!


The numbers aren't precise --we don't know all the details-- but as this chart shows, Mikhail Prokhorov, aided by Billy King and Bobby Marks would have made NBA history over the past week...if not for Miami's "Big Three" summer of 2010.

Our math shows they've committed the Nets to $333.3 million in players contracts since July 11. That's precisely one-third of a billion dollars. Although David Aldridge called the Nets spending spree "unprecedented," the Heat spent more than $370 million two years ago.

Here's the details, as best we can determine, of the Nets commitments since July 11.

Deron Williams $98.7 million
Joe Johnson $89.2 million
Brook Lopez $60.8 million
Gerald Wallace $40 million
Kris Humphries $24 million
Mirza Teletovic $9.8 million
Reggie Evans $5.1 million
Jerry Stackhouse $1.3 million
Keith Bogans $1.2 million
C.J. Watson $2 million
Tyshawn Taylor $1.1 million
TOTAL $333.3 million

Notes: We're counting C.J. Watson as a two-year deal. That's what's been reported. We also have Tyshawn Taylor down as a two-year deal. Second round picks customarily get one year with a team option for a second. We don't know the details of the Keith Bogans contract. We have it down as a one-year veterans minimum deal. It may be longer in duration. MarShon Brooks isn't on the list because he's the only Net whose contract status hasn't changed. Bottom line, as they say, we're going with "one-third of a billion dollars." Nice ring to it.