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Crash Keeps It Cool, Measured


Conor Orr of the Stat-Ledger described Gerald Wallace's comments to the media Monday as "tempered excitement" and that about says it all. Wallace is happy with the Nets roster, thinks it's top five in the East on paper but ""We haven’t proven anything, there are teams that have already proven themselves, they’ve already been there in the postseason."

He wouldn't go as far was Joe Johnson and call the Nets the best team in New York. He no-commented that one. He also wouldn't put the Nets anywhere near the Heat but he did use on superlative in describing the team where he'll hopefully play till he's 34. "But confidence-wise, we’re just as fast as any team in the league, we just have to go out and perform every night. Make it happen."

Wallace admitted that New York City scares him and that he hopes he can find a driver that can bring him from his home in New Jersey to the Barclays Center.