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Chandler: Nets' Big Talk "Foolish"


Tyson Chandler, like his Knick Carmelo Anthony, responded to Friday's comments by Joe Johnson that the Nets are now the superior team in the city.

"They are trying to make a beef or whatever thats not there, to be honest with you," Chandler said. "It's easy to talk in the summertime, but well see how things go when the season starts.

"I've heard a little bit, but I think it's foolish, the Nets are just coming together. I think it's pointless for them to talk to us about anything. First, they need to establish themselves."

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Boro President Marty Markowitz, who's been stoking the fires, told a Bastille Day crowd that after November 1, "if any of you continue to root for the Manhattan Knicks, you're causing treason."