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Sports Guy Advice For Knick Fans: It's Time to Say, "Hello Brooklyn"

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It's not a 12-step process but Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, is offering Knick fans a way out of their addiction to orange-and-blue. Their world is indeed collapsing around them: Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields, fan favorites, gone. Jason Kidd, the team's veteran leader, in trouble for wrapping his car around a utility pole. Raymond Felton, cupcake aficianado, returning in glory.

So, ever helpful, he has come up with an intervention, a plan. The way of this mess, tweets Simmons, goes through Brooklyn...

1. To the Knicks fans who keep asking: If you're going to switch allegiance to Brooklyn, it has to happen this summer. But I'm fine with it.

2. Here's the thing - Dolan is NEVER selling. The franchise will ALWAYS be screwed up. You have a 2nd NYC team and a legit excuse to leave.

3. If Celtics were in same situation (with a Dolan owner), I'd stop rooting for them and be an NBA widow unless there was a 2nd Boston team.

4. The important thing to remember - Dolan is a complete buffoon. You have a 12-year track record to examine now. He's an incompetent owner.

5. So you have to ask yourself... "Do I really want to spend DECADES of my life with my NBA fate tied to this guy?" You control that answer.

6. And if you're a diehard, loyal down-with-the-ship type fan, that's fine too... stay with the Knicks. Just saying you have an out here.

7. My buddy @housefromdc quit on Orioles because of Angelos (Dolan-esque). Baseball widow for years, now a huge Nats fan. Totally happy.

8. Last thought - I have a great deal of respect for Knicks fans (and NYK history + MSG). They deserve better than...


And if that doesn't convince them, there's always this...

Battle of the Boroughs: Dolan vs. Prokhorov fight! from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.