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Haywood Gone, Nets Pursue Darko

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Amnesty waivers expired on two big men Saturday. Brendan Haywood was picked up by the Bobcats for $2.06 million and Darko Milicic went unclaimed. The Nets, who had hoped Haywood would go unclaimed, will now move on to pursuing the 27-year-old Milicic, according to various sources. Just how aggressively is the question.

Howard Beck reports, "Nets have an interest in Darko Milicic, who is now a free agent. But it's very early in the process, and he will have options," including international teams. But later, Beck added, "Nets made an inquiry, but not aggressively pursuing him, I'm told."

Alex Raskin adds, " Nets fans shouldn't get excited about Darko yet. He can get lots of offers (maybe some lucrative ones from Europe) & King has other options," which he didn't describe. Marc J. Spears writes Milicic may be interested. "Frontrunners for free agent center Darko Milicic are Boston, Brooklyn and LA Clippers, league source tells Y! Sports."

Milicic, who is the poster boy for draft busts, was amnestied by the Timberwolves, his fifth team since being drafted right after LeBron James in 2003.. The Nets did one advantage out of the Bobcats move. It basically took them out of the bidding for Kris Humphries, the Nets other target.