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After The Party, Nets Ponder Needs

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

One thing was obvious by the end of yesterday's festivities in Brooklyn. These are the Brooklyn Nets, a new team with new ambitions. There have been other events in the Borough: Last September's renaming ceremony across from Barclays Center, April's unveiling of the team's new logo and gear nearby, but those were corporate events. This one was about basketball.

The supposedly silent "Iso-Joe", Joe Johnson, seemed to revel in the attention, playfully predicting the Nets will own New York before touring Barclays Center, hitting the airwaves at the FAN, throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium (a perfect strike) and then enjoying a bit of the game with noted horsehide enthusiast, Mirza Teletovic of Bosnia.

Then, as the day wore on, there were discussions of what the Nets wanted to do next, basketball wise. Clearly the top priority was re-signing Kris Humphries (who reportedly has two offers on the table from the Nets, one for two years and $20 million, the other three and $26 million); monitoring the waiver wires to see whether Brendan Haywood, Luis Scola or Darko Milicic make it through; making calls on veteran back-up point guards (Derek Fisher?) and back-up wings (Grant Hill?).

All in all, as Dave D'Alessandro writes, "It’s not going to scare Miami, but at least the East has another interesting team to invite to the party."