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Brooklyn's Backcourt: A Mix of Skills

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Deron Williams and Joe Johnson have never played together, not even on USA teams, aren't best of friends and have few ties but one, the one that counts: they play basketball at a high level and each craves the other's skills.

That was the message (well, one of them) at Friday's press conference at Brooklyn Borough Hall, where "Brooklyn's Backcourt" debuted on a stage.

"We’re definitely going to take a lot of pressure off of each other," Johnson said. "I haven’t had this much excitement probably since playing in my Phoenix days." Williams who once again said Johnson's acquisition was the "deciding factor" said of his new teammate, ""I've never played with a player of his caliber on the wing," Williams said, "where he can get his own shot and create for others."

Of the team, Johnson said the Nets have the personnel to "to win not just now, but right now."