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Stein: Bobcats, Nets Are Locked In "Bidding War" For Hump

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After conflicting reports late Thursday on Kris Humphries' fate, Marc Stein reports the Nets and Bobcats are in "a bidding war" for him.

Stein tweets the Nets are offering $24 million over three years, the Bobcats two million less. If they lose, the Nets could offer a sign-and-trade to get something back.

That something, the Times reports, could be a trade exception that the Nets could turn into Antawn Jamison.

It's the first time the Nets are reported to have interest in signing Hump for himself rather than offering him up as a sign-and-trade to facilitate other moves, particularly trading for Dwight Howard..

Thursday afternoon, news of Charlotte's interest in Humphries began to spread with Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer suggesting the Nets are talking about a sign-and-trade, John Hollinger theorizing it was about getting a trade exception for Antawn Jamison and David Aldridge contending the Nets want him back. Stein then reported on the bidding war.

Aldridge later reported, "League sources believe that, eventually, Kris Humphries is likely to return to the Nets rather than go to Charlotte. No other teams involved."