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"Nets Ready To Do Big Things"

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Mirza Teletovic and Reggie Evans were at the PNY Center Thursday to talk about why they wanted to join a franchise that won 22 games last year, after winning 12 and 24 the previous two.

For Teletovic, probably Europe's best PF at 26, it was about the opportunity to win. He also seemed to allude to his decision to accept $6 million less to help the Nets with their cap flexibility (on top of a $2 million buyout.) "I will do anything to play for a good team," said the 6'9" Bosnian forward. "I played for very good money in Europe too. But my agent said we want to come to a team that is ready to do big things, and I think the Nets are ready to do big things.''

For Evans, it was personal as well as professional. He played under Billy King at Philadelphia. "Knowing how he treated me and my family, and knowing how much success we had in Philadelphia, making the playoffs two years… It was an honor to come and play for him.''