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Brooklyn Awakens From Dwightmare, Finds Roster Nearly Complete

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It was the biggest one-day haul in Nets history. Seven players with contracts totaling $305 signed or acquired; 12 players moved in one direction or the other, along with two draft picks. The big Nets gave up on the big one, Dwight Howard (for the third and maybe not the last time), and lost a fan favorite as much to the CBA as the Pacers.

In the heart-pounding aftermath of the Dwightmare, the Nets now have nine players under contract and seem to be moving on first with a power forward, looking seriously at Antawn Jamison and maybe Kenyon Martin.

There will be other decisions as well, but maybe it's best to take a look first at what's been accomplished. Brook Lopez gets a chance to show where he stands amid the game's centers and Joe Johnson gets one to prove he shouldn't be defined by his contract but by his game once again.

Jerry Stackhouse's addition is hardly strategic, but it's emblematic. The 17-year vet sees an opportunity for the Nets now he didn't in the past. ""I think it’s a team that went from the bottom and has a chance to go to the top really fast," Stackhouse said.