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Mikhail Prokhorov's $300 Million Day

Courtesy: Billy King
Courtesy: Billy King

With the stroke of midnight and the stroke of cursor on iPad, the Nets began signing players Wednesday and by the time the sun had gone down 20 hours later, they had committed $300 million (more precisely $305 million) of Mikhail Prokhorov's fortune to seven players and remade the New Jersey Nets into the Brooklyn Nets.

To be specific, Nets signed or traded for seven contracts: Deron Williams ($98.8 million over five years -- with a player option after four), Joe Johnson ($89.3 million over four); Brook Lopez ($60.8 million over four); Gerald Wallace ($40 million over four); Mirza Teletovic ($10 million over three); Reggie Evans ($5 million over three) and Jerry Stackhouse (a $1.3 million vets minimum deal).

And there's likely more to come. Marshon Brooks and Tyshawn Taylor bring the number of roster spots filled to only nine. Kris Humphries and Gerald Green are still unresolved -- Indiana is expected to make a strong bid for Green -- and the Nets are likely to want veterans at back-up PG and C.