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Dmitry Beliakov
Dmitry Beliakov

Brook Lopez and his agent played their cards right the last few days and in the end, the 7-footer came away with a max deal, according to multiple sources, including Stefan Bondy and David Aldridge. The news comes two hours after the Nets pulled out of the Dwight Howard trade talks.

The signing will eliminate any possibility of Lopez being traded through January 15, about a month before the trade deadline. If Lopez had signed offer sheet, with another team, the Nets would no doubt have matched but that would eliminated any trade, without Lopez's permission, throughout 2012-13.

Lopez will get $61 million over four years, reports Adrian Wojnarowski, more than anyone thought he was likely to get at the end of a season where he missed all but five games. He will sign the deal Wednesday night, reports Woj. At least two other teams, the Bobcats and Trail Blazers were willing to offer Lopez similar deals.