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And If No Trade, Roster Looks Like...

If the Nets lose out on Dwight Howard for a third time, they'd quickly need to add depth since they wouldn't be getting additional players back from Orlando. They'd particularly need depth at center and point guard.

Either under contract or likely to be committed this week: Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Mirza Teletovic, Reggie Evans, MarShon Brooks and Tyshawn Taylor. Gerald Green and Kris Humphries remain unresolved, but the Nets are likely to make an effort to sign both. It's also likely that in the wake of the Howard deal, the Nets would make other moves they've been planning while keeping an eye on summer league for training camp invites.

Bottom line for free agency: the Nets added three players with a total of ten All-Star appearances in the last six years: Johnson (six); Williams (three) and Wallace (one).