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Free Agency Success Sells

Amy Williams via Instagram
Amy Williams via Instagram

As of Tuesday night, the Nets have commitments from their franchise player, a three-time All-Star; their best defender and most versatile player, a one-time All-Star; and the Euroleague's leading scorer. They've also have traded for a six-time All-Star, giving up five expiring contracts and someone else's (lottery-protected) pick.

They are also still in the mix for one of the game's best players, who's said he wants to play for them; and can match any offer for their 24-year-old center. They even got value in the Draft.

Does this sells tickets? A spokesman reports the Nets have sold more than 2,000 full season tickets in the last week. Overall, 70% of 104 suites at Barclays Center are gone and they've already booked more than twice the sponsorship revenue they did all of last year.