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As Magic Look For Other Bidders, Nets Look For Right Partner

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ESPN reports that the Magic have re-opened the bidding on Dwight Howard to teams beyond the Nets. The Hawks are one of those teams.

Meanwhile, Sam Amico, who covers the Cavaliers for FOX Sports Ohio, tweets just before noon Tuesday that Cleveland is still talking to the Nets and Magic about participating in the Dwight Howard trade talks and that because word leaked of their squeamishness, the Bobcats and Timberwolves jumped in.

Latest on Cavs' involvement in Nets-Magic potential deal says they're still in it, but no more than Bobcats," Amico tweeted . And get this: T-Wolves in, too.Cavs seemed to send out message they weren't locked in on trade, trying to sweeten deal. Instead, other teams hopped in...

Later, both Amico and Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the Cavaliers are indeed out of it. The sticking point remains their reluctance to give Kris Humphries a multi-year deal. According to Amico the Bobcats are wiling to give Hump an extra year, IF the Nets send them Marshon Brooks. Brooks had been promised to the Clippers in return for a pick that was destined for Cleveland. Now, presumably, he would be available to Charlotte, who prefer him to a pick

It's uncertain how advanced the Timberwolves are in talks with the Nets or whether Minnesota would give Hump a second or third year. He is a Minnesota native.

In any case, with the Cavs the deal would have to be restructured. In the rumored deal, the Cavs would have gotten that first round pick, $3 million in cash and Humphries. In return, the Magic would take on Luke Walton's expiring $6.1 million deal.