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Nets Meeting D-Will, Nash Monday


Apparently trying to keep every option open, the Nets will meet with both Steve Nash and Deron Williams Monday, Marc Stein reports via Twitter.

"After Raps and Knicks today, Nets have formally requested chance to sit down with Steve Nash as well. Meeting scheduled for Monday morning," tweeted Stein. "Nets will make their pitch in AM, interested in Nash both as potential D-Will replacement and teammate."

The Nets have enough cap space to trump Toronto's offer of $36 million over three, either as D-Will's replacement or teammate ... assuming they don't make deals for Joe Johnson or Dwight Howard. The Mavericks will get the first face-to-face sitdown Monday afternoon with Williams,then meet with the Nets on Monday evening. Mark Cuban will not attend the meeting for the Mavericks, choosing instead to work on his TV show, "Shark Tank."