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The Other Track: Dwight Howard

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If only Dwight Howard hadn't changed his mind last March. Things would be oh so simple. But he did and quickly came to regret it. The regret was made worse when the Magic front office didn't call him after his herniated disk surgery and some of his teammates complained to the media that he was faking the extent of his injury.

Since then it's gotten worse and although he continues to insist that he wants to play in Brooklyn with Deron Williams, arranging that becomes more difficult every day, as Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

Time is running out for Howard to be traded to Brooklyn because Nets general manager Billy King has begun to aggressively explore deals for players like Joe Johnson, Luis Scola and O.J. Mayo in an attempt to surround free-agent point guard Deron Williams with more talent.

The Rockets and Lakers are complicating matters by making their own offers, although there have been no formal negotiations. One thing Woj notes is that Williams' "patience (with Howard) is wearing out" and whatever happens with Howard won't affect Williams' decision.