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Marks: We're Building "Library"

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

The NBA Draft Combine ended Friday with the release of measurements for all 60 players who attended. Most of the big names were there only for measurements and interviews. For the Nets, who still only have the #57 pick but are looking, the Combine was still valuable said Bobby Marks. It's all about building a database, or as he called it a "library."

"We're going to interview 18 kids and I don't know if we're going to draft one," noted Marks before the combine. "But you'll always be ahead of the game [if you attend]. You'll be prepared; if it's not now, it could be next year in a trade; could it be one of these kids doesn't get drafted? Could it be four years from now, when they're a free agent? You can say, 'We interviewed him he had a great interview'."

Indeed, The Nets recently revamped their scouting database so that everything about draft prospects and NBA players -- contracts, measurements, injuries, salaries, videos, news items -- is online, password-protected, for Marks and Billy King to access, whether in their office or an Istanbul hotel room.