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D-Will: I Haven't Seen Dwight...Yet

Deron Williams is in L.A. promoting "NBA Ballers Beats". Dwight Howard is in L.A., too, rehabbing from his herniated disk surgery, rehab that's likely to last most if not all of the summer. So it's reasonable to assume the two friends will get together sometime. Maybe.

"I haven’t because I just got in and I was pretty busy yesterday. And today I’ve been here all day. So I haven’t had a chance," said Williams, when asked if they had seen each other.

He once again said his decision to stay with the Nets is not dependent on Brooklyn acquiring the 6'10" center. Talking about his reaction to Adrian Wojnarowski's column suggesting otherwise, D-Will told ESPN Tech, "It happens every day with reporters nowadays. All you have to do is put "sources said" in front of it and it’s true. So when somebody comes and says something about me like that, some things I’ll let go, but sometimes I’ll shoot down so people know it didn’t come from me."