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Avery: Nets Talking To Teams About Acquiring Late First Rounder

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

In an interview with Andy Katz at the Pre-Draft Combine Thursday, Avery Johnson reiterated what Billy King has said publicly and other team insiders have said privately: that the Nets intend to add a first round pick to go with the pick they already have at #57. In fact, Johnson said the Nets are already talking to other teams.

"There are a variety of ways to get there," said Johnson talking about moving into the first round. "Can’t give you any of our secrets, but we have some opportunities. We’re talking to teams like everybody else and we have our eyes on some players that if we end up getting in the first round, there’s some guys that we like.”

Johnson said King and Mikhail Prokhorov are eager to move up.

“We have an unlimited amount of resources within the rules, so you never know," apparently referring to the $3 million cash considerations limit in the new CBA. "We probably could get into the first round, end of the first round."

King told reporters after the Draft Lottery, "I always go into the draft, even if we had the top pick, trying to get other picks," noting he plans on being "aggressive". King made two draft night trades in 2011, acquiring Marshon Brooks and Bojan Bogdanovic.

Sam Amico of FOX Sports tweets "Word is every NBA team with 2 first-round picks except Cavs (Blazers, Rockets, Celtics, Warriors) trying to trade one for young player." Blazers have #6 and #11; Rockets #14 and #16; Celtics #21 and #22; and Warriors, #7 and #30.