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Nets In Chicago For Draft Combine

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

They may only have the #57 pick and recently lost out on one of the top three, but the Nets front office is all-in on the Pre-Draft Combine in Chicago. Makes you think they're planning on making a pick a lot earlier than deep in the second round. Billy King has said the team plans to be aggressive on Draft Night, June 28.

Bobby Marks told Ben Couch that the Nets will begin Wednesday night with interviews of prospects. Selected players will sit for a half hour with Marks, Billy King, Avery Johnson, Gregg Polinsky, the Nets top scout, and Frank Zanin, a Nets scout recently named Director of Player Procurement. Dr. Sara Hickman, team psychologist, will also participate.

On Thursday and Friday, two other scouts will join the group to watch the 60 prospects (minus a number of top ones) go through drills and measurements. On the court will be Milton Lee, the Armor GM, who's helping run the Combine, as he's done for six straight years.