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Teletovic Nearing Buyout?

A Spanish basketball site is reporting that Mirza Teletovic, the 6'9" Bosnian stretch forward is nearing a $2.5 million buyout from Caja Laboral and that the Nets are the front-runner for him but they're not alone.

TuBasket reports Teletovic "has reached an agreement with Caja Laboral to terminate his contract in exchange for two million euros ($2.5 million). The Brooklyn Nets (recently moved from New Jersey) are closest to closing the transaction but are not the only franchise in question."

Because of the size of the buyout, it would have to be pro-rated over the course of his NBA contract. In a short conversation with a TuBasket reporter, Teletovic denied he's leaving Caja but has said he's interested in the NBA and league sources say the Nets are interested in him.